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Weight Discrimination Still High in Recruitment

Posted 20th June 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

Weight discrimination is still a pervasive issue in recruitment and employment, according to a new report by the Institute for Employment Studies.   According the report, overweight and obese candidates are likely to face discrimination over not having “desirable characteristics” or being “fit” for organisations they apply to work for.   Discriminatory practices were also… Read more

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NAAC Reveals Contracting Prices for 2019/20

Posted 18th June 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) has published its guide prices for 2019/20.   The prices, published on an annual basis, are intended to give a national average as a guideline for contractors and farmers.   NAAC technical consultant Jill Hewitt says, “The charge for contracting operations tends to go up in small increments… Read more

businesses considering blanket approach to ir35

Businesses Consider Blanket Approach to IR35 as 2020 Looms

Posted 13th June 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

According to a new survey by Brookson Legal, over half of UK businesses are considering taking a blanket approach to IR35 due to a lack of time to assess contractors individually.   However, some businesses said that they would not be opting for a blanket approach. 41% of respondents said they planned to assess each… Read more

civil engineering contractors say stalled projects are an issue

Stalled Projects Jeopardise the Economy, Say Contractors

Posted 6th June 2019 in News For Workers

A new survey of civil engineering contractors has found that workloads have declined at record rates since the recession.   The survey, which was undertaken by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), found that workloads have slowed considerably in the last six months.   CECA’s membership undertakes over 80% of infrastructure construction in the UK…. Read more

parental leave is a growing concern for workers

SMEs Need Help With Parental Leave, Say Researchers

Posted 4th June 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

The cost of parental leave is a growing concern for SMEs, according to researchers.   The Women in Business survey, which recently surveyed just under 800 women in SMEs, found that 96% of board level executives said that parental leave posed significant challenges to their business.   According to Denise Friend, who led the study,… Read more

majority of contractors deemed inside ir35

98% of HS2 Contractors Deemed “Inside IR35”

Posted 30th May 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

98% of IR35 status assessment carried out by High Speed 2 (HS2) in 2018 concluded that contractors fell inside IR35, according to ContractorCalculator.   Responding to a Freedom of Information request from the contractors’ news website, HS2 confirmed that of the 1001 assessment conducted in 2018, just 22 fell outside of the scope of the… Read more

8 in 10 uk workers may never become own boss

8 in 10 UK Workers Believe They Will Never Become Their Own Boss

Posted 28th May 2019 in News For Workers

82% of UK workers are worried they will never have the ability to be their own boss, according to a new study.   The international survey spanned 24 countries, including 1,000 UK respondents.   46% of respondents harboured ambitions to become self-employed, while one in 10 felt they had an idea for a business good… Read more

hmrc wins msc case

HMRC Wins MSC Case Against Contractors

Posted 14th May 2019 in News For Workers

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has won a long-running legal case against a group of contractors who avoided income tax and national insurance contributions through use of managed service companies. Managed service companies (MSC) are limited companies, established by third-party providers, on behalf of an individual contractor or a group of contractors.   The third-party… Read more

uk wages grow

UK Wages Grow at Fastest Rate in Over a Decade

Posted 9th May 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

UK wages have grown at the fastest rate in more than a decade, despite fears around Brexit.   According to the Office for National Statistics, average weekly earnings – including bonuses – rose by 3.5% on the year in the three months to February – the joint highest level since mid-2008.   Basic pay increased… Read more

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Loan Charge Causing Mental Health Problems, Say Contractors

Posted 23rd April 2019 in News For Workers

A recent ContractorUK report has found that 69% of UK contractors report detrimental effects to their mental health as a result of the 2019 Loan Charge.   “The loan charge relates to disguised remuneration schemes, whereby workers were paid via loans rather than salary, and, as a result, did not pay income tax on their… Read more

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