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Civil Engineering Contractors Call for Change on Frameworks

Posted 29th November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

A year-long study by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) has published results showing that frameworks are failing to deliver expected work, with over half of the civil engineering contractors who make up CECA’s members stating that they feel low costs are being prioritised over quality.


CECA’s latest research on frameworks – agreements made with suppliers to establish the terms governing a contract – finds that 71% of respondents frequently reported workloads that were less than anticipated. 56% reported that unnecessary second competitions were common, while 54% said that they believed frameworks typically favoured low cost over quality.


The research was carried out via an anonymous survey of CECA’s members, in addition to a series of workshops.


CECA director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming, commented, “Over the past few years, our members have indicated that while frameworks can be a useful tool to organise and deliver civil engineering projects, they do not always work effectively.”


Hemming added, “We are therefore keen to start a discussion on how we can make frameworks work for everyone. Over the coming year we will be sharing this document with the wider infrastructure community and others, and we hope that our recommendations will become incorporated by our customers and wider government.”


In a bid to improve frameworks, CECA has published a series of recommendations for infrastructure clients to adhere to.


“We anticipate that this will raise industry standards by providing greater transparency and assurance in pre-qualification assessment,” states CECA in the introduction to its list of guidelines.

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