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Google Launches Recruitment Application Google Hire to the UK

Posted 28th February 2019 in News For Businesses For Workers

After its initial launch in the United States market, Google has launched its new recruitment application, Google Hire, in the United Kingdom.


First launched in the U.S in July 2017, Google Hire allows users to post jobs to multiple sites at once, along with template functionality and application tracking. The application integrates with Google’s other applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.


While the majority of Google applications are free for personal use, corporate licenses cost between £3.30 and £20 per user per month, and Google Hire is expected to be made available as part of a corporate license.


Google claims that the automation of recruitment tasks – including interview scheduling and applicant tracking – will help businesses hire a more diverse workforce.


“There’s a huge opportunity for technology—and AI specifically—to help people work faster and therefore focus on uniquely human activities,” said Berit Hoffman, senior product manager for Google Hire, when it was first introduced to the U.S in 2017. “Ultimately, that’s what Hire is all about, and the functionality… demonstrates our commitment to help companies focus on people and build their best teams.”

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