jmk to pay for settled status

JMK to Pay for EU Employees’ Settled Status

Posted 9th January 2019 in News For Workers

The JMK Group UK are proud of our internal employees from the European Union (EU), and the fantastic work they do as part of JMK.


That’s why we have chosen to pay the Settled Status fee on their behalf, as part of our continued support of the people who help us do what we do.


Under the EU Settlement Scheme, all EU citizens living in the UK are required to apply for the right of “settled status” – which will give them the right to remain in the UK after Brexit takes effect.


Those who have lived in the UK for five years will qualify for the new settled status, while those who have been resident in the UK for under five years will receive “pre-settled status”.


We value every member of the JMK team, and are committed to ensuring they remain supported through and after Brexit. That’s why we look forward to making sure our internal EU employees remain a valued part of the JMK family in a post-Brexit workplace.

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