british banks backing smes

British Banks Back SME Complaints

Posted 12th December 2018 in News For Businesses

British banks have agreed to give stronger powers to small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wishing to complain about their lenders, in a bid to restore trust in the business banking sector among business owners. Trade association UK Finance, representing approximately 300 financial service firms in the UK, recently accepted suggestions raised in an independent review last month…. Read more

Business leaders call for Brexit fund

Small Businesses Call For Post-Brexit Fund

Posted 6th December 2018 in News For Businesses

Small business leaders have called on the Scottish Government to commit to a post-Brexit fund to help companies deal with the fallout.   The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) made the plea ahead of Finance Secretary Derek Mckay’s plans to announce his Budget this December.   FSB’s Scotland policy chair Andrew McRae commented that “avoiding… Read more

agency employers worry about future

Agency Employers Remain Pessimistic About Future

Posted 4th December 2018 in News For Businesses

New data shows that employers continue to lack confidence about business prospects in a post-Brexit Britain, according to the latest monthly JobsOutlook report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).   According to the report, 53% of employers intending to hire temporary workers expressed concerns over locating a sufficient number of agency workers with the… Read more

civil engineering contractors call for change

Civil Engineering Contractors Call for Change on Frameworks

Posted 29th November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

A year-long study by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) has published results showing that frameworks are failing to deliver expected work, with over half of the civil engineering contractors who make up CECA’s members stating that they feel low costs are being prioritised over quality.   CECA’s latest research on frameworks – agreements made… Read more

how do agencies pay contractors

Government Targets Loophole Allowing Agencies to Pay Contractors Less

Posted 27th November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced she will be continuing with plans aimed at increasing the legal rights of contractors and agency workers as part of a general overhaul on employment laws, focusing on how agencies pay contractors.   The prime minister intends to end a legal loophole that has historically allowed companies and agencies… Read more

uk recruitment agencies

UK Recruitment Agencies Struggling With Labour Shortages

Posted 22nd November 2018 in News For Businesses

UK recruitment agencies and businesses are struggling to recruit overseas staff, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has claimed.   With Brexit on the horizon, the CIPD claims that the shortage of migrants from both EU countries and non-EU countries reflects a falling interest in the UK as a destination for employment.  … Read more

recruitment start-ups

Is 2018 a Record Year for Recruitment Start-Ups?

Posted 15th November 2018 in For Businesses

2018 is set to be a record year for new recruitment start-ups, according to new statistics published by Clearly PR.   Using data obtained from Companies House under a Freedom of Information Act, the statistics show that over 7,500 new recruitment agencies have been registered since the beginning of the year – an average rate… Read more

Study Shows Technology is a Important Selling Point for Recruitment

Posted 2nd November 2018 in News For Businesses

A new US study has shown that technology could be a recruiter’s strongest weapon when it comes to recruiting the workforce’s newest additions – Generation Z.   Researcher David Stillman and his son Jonah Stillman found that 91% of Generation Z said technological sophistication and communication would impact their interest in working for a company,… Read more

IR35 Changes Coming in 2020, 2018’s Budget Reveals – But Are Agencies Ready?

Posted 1st November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s 2018 Budget introduced its biggest revenue raiser this month – a rule change on how self-employed workers in the private sector pay taxes.   The intermediaries regulation, better known as IR35, determines a worker’s tax contributions according to whether that worker is counted as an employee or a contractor. Contractors who are… Read more

british banks back smes

Is the UK Economy Heading for its Worst Year Since the Crash?

Posted 24th October 2018 in News For Businesses

The UK’s economy is on track for its worst year in just under a decade amid the growing concerns around a no-deal Brexit, according to a leading economic forecaster, with some raising concerns about the possible state of the recruitment industry after Brexit.   The EY Item Club has stated that the British economy is… Read more

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