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Is 2018 a Record Year for Recruitment Start-Ups?

Posted 15th November 2018 in For Businesses

2018 is set to be a record year for new recruitment start-ups, according to new statistics published by Clearly PR.   Using data obtained from Companies House under a Freedom of Information Act, the statistics show that over 7,500 new recruitment agencies have been registered since the beginning of the year – an average rate… Read more

Study Shows Technology is a Important Selling Point for Recruitment

Posted 2nd November 2018 in News For Businesses

A new US study has shown that technology could be a recruiter’s strongest weapon when it comes to recruiting the workforce’s newest additions – Generation Z.   Researcher David Stillman and his son Jonah Stillman found that 91% of Generation Z said technological sophistication and communication would impact their interest in working for a company,… Read more

IR35 Changes Coming in 2020, 2018’s Budget Reveals – But Are Agencies Ready?

Posted 1st November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s 2018 Budget introduced its biggest revenue raiser this month – a rule change on how self-employed workers in the private sector pay taxes.   The intermediaries regulation, better known as IR35, determines a worker’s tax contributions according to whether that worker is counted as an employee or a contractor. Contractors who are… Read more

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Is the UK Economy Heading for its Worst Year Since the Crash?

Posted 24th October 2018 in News For Businesses

The UK’s economy is on track for its worst year in just under a decade amid the growing concerns around a no-deal Brexit, according to a leading economic forecaster, with some raising concerns about the possible state of the recruitment industry after Brexit.   The EY Item Club has stated that the British economy is… Read more

Start-Up Doubles Its Projected Turnover with JMK’s Support

Posted 10th September 2018 in News For Businesses

With funding, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For every new client we take on at JMK, we create a bespoke plan tailored to fit their individual needs.   That’s why, when JMK began its relationship with construction recruitment specialists Plamo Trades, we crafted an individual cash flow management and support package designed to help them… Read more

Brits ‘happy to stay in work post-65’

Posted 26th July 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

More Britons would be happy to stay in work past the traditional retirement age now than was the case three years ago, according to new research. A survey of 1,004 UK employees by Canada Life found that 36 per cent want to work beyond 65, more than double the 17 per cent recorded in 2015…. Read more

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Office workers ‘may be spending less time outdoors than prisoners’

Posted 21st July 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

If ever there was a motivator to ditch the nine to five and go freelance, then the fact that some office workers spend less time outdoors than prisoners could be it. According to research from interior landscaping company Ambius on 1,000 people, 35 per cent spend a maximum of 15 minutes outdoors on any given… Read more

UK ranks poorly for stress at work

Posted 20th July 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

Many people in the UK may be thinking about ditching their job and pursuing an ambition of going it alone, if new figures concerning stress in the workplace are anything to go by. According to the 2018 Cigna 360° Wellbeing Survey, which includes data from 23 countries and more than 14,000 people, the UK ranks… Read more

UK ‘needs to boost confidence of self-employed’

Posted 18th July 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

The UK needs to be doing more to boost the confidence of self-employed people after a new report showed a downturn in optimism among those who work for themselves. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found in its Small Business Index that confidence levels were at +2.8 for the second quarter of 2018, down significantly… Read more

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Study shows employers’ difficulty in hiring

Posted 16th July 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

Employers are finding it difficult to attract the talent they require, something that may increase demand for freelancers, according to a new study. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) Report on Jobs found that growth in hiring slowed significantly during June, while salaries continued to rise. Although both permanent and temporary placements had increased, this… Read more

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