Self-Employed Workers Risk Fines After HMRC Glitch

Posted 24th January 2019 in News For Workers

Self-employed workers face charges for late tax payments after a technical glitch in the Government’s systems, experts have warned.   Workers who have already filed their tax returns are receiving bills for last year’s tax payment from HM Revenue & Customs which fail to include the “payment on account” (an advance payment of tax, which… Read more

jmk to pay for settled status

JMK to Pay for EU Employees’ Settled Status

Posted 9th January 2019 in News For Workers

The JMK Group UK are proud of our internal employees from the European Union (EU), and the fantastic work they do as part of JMK.   That’s why we have chosen to pay the Settled Status fee on their behalf, as part of our continued support of the people who help us do what we… Read more

workplace reforms announced

Workplace Reforms to “Protect” Contractors, Says Government

Posted 8th January 2019 in News For Workers

Workers on zero-hour contracts, agency employees and “gig economy” workers will enjoy improved protection under a recently introduced package of workplace reforms, according to the government.   Under new legislation, employers are required to inform staff of their rights from their first day, including eligibility for paid and sick leave. Workers will also be given… Read more

does the hmrc webinar answer questions?

HMRC Webinar Does Not Answer Questions, Say Contractors

Posted 20th December 2018 in News For Workers

According to a recent survey by ContractorUK, the recent HMRC webinar on the 2019 Loan Charge did not improve 33% of respondents’ understanding of the charge.   However, 22% of respondents claimed they were more likely to settle with HMRC over the charge as a result of the webinar.   However, 8% said the webinar… Read more

oil and gas engineering

Civil Engineering Contractors Call for Change on Frameworks

Posted 29th November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

A year-long study by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) has published results showing that frameworks are failing to deliver expected work, with over half of the civil engineering contractors who make up CECA’s members stating that they feel low costs are being prioritised over quality.   CECA’s latest research on frameworks – agreements made… Read more

how do agencies pay contractors

Government Targets Loophole Allowing Agencies to Pay Contractors Less

Posted 27th November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced she will be continuing with plans aimed at increasing the legal rights of contractors and agency workers as part of a general overhaul on employment laws, focusing on how agencies pay contractors.   The prime minister intends to end a legal loophole that has historically allowed companies and agencies… Read more

2019 loan charge

HMRC Plans 2019 Loan Charge Webinar

Posted 20th November 2018 in News For Workers

With HMRC seeking to recover unpaid taxes from people who have used disguised remuneration schemes, a webinar has been announced to explain the changes.   Scheduled for Wednesday, November 21st at midday, the webinar will feature explanations of how the 2019 Loan Charge is expected to affect contractors who have used disguised remuneration schemes.  … Read more

recruitment agency

Recruitment Agency Found Guilty of Illegally Opting Workers Out of Pension Scheme

Posted 13th November 2018 in News For Workers

Derby-based recruitment agency Workchain’s directors and senior staff have been ordered to pay over £280k after being found guilty of plotting to illegally opt temporary workers out of the company’s pension scheme.   Directors Phil Tong and Adam Hinkley were found to have encouraged five senior staff at the recruitment agency to opt temporary workers… Read more

third-party contractors

“Fraudsters” Impersonate HMRC in Telephone Scam, Police Warn

Posted 7th November 2018 in News For Workers

Police and fraud experts have warned of a telephone scam targeting members of the public, including temporary workers and third-party contractors.   Growing complaints posted on social media by victim have described being contacted by a phone number which appears to belong to the official income tax helpline for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC),… Read more

IR35 Changes Coming in 2020, 2018’s Budget Reveals – But Are Agencies Ready?

Posted 1st November 2018 in News For Businesses For Workers

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s 2018 Budget introduced its biggest revenue raiser this month – a rule change on how self-employed workers in the private sector pay taxes.   The intermediaries regulation, better known as IR35, determines a worker’s tax contributions according to whether that worker is counted as an employee or a contractor. Contractors who are… Read more

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