Festive period sees surge in tax returns

Posted 13th December 2017 in For Businesses For Workers

More than 10,000 tax returns were submitted over Christmas as people aim to get their affairs in order before 2018.

Figures from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) shows 2,590 self-assessment returns were submitted on Christmas Day and a further 7,655 on Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve was also a time for some people to dealing with their financial applications before the arrival of Father Christmas, with 6,033 submitted on December 24th.

Online self assessments need to be submitted before the cut-off date of January 31st 2018 and the deadline for paper assessments has already passed in October.

Angela MacDonald, HMRC director general for customer services, said: “It’s easy to put off doing your self-assessment, but that tax ‘niggle’ means it’s always on our customers’ minds.

“With the January 31 deadline edging closer we want to help remind our customers to get it done so they can alleviate that feeling, ensuring they can relax and not have to worry about doing their tax return.”

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