Graduates may ditch corporate world to be own bosses

Graduates may ditch corporate world to be own bosses

Posted 30th May 2018 in For Workers

University graduates may increasingly be setting up their own businesses rather than chasing a dream job in the corporate world once they finish their degree, according to new research.

A poll carried out by print company Solopress discovered that 56 per cent of the undergraduate students it questioned were thinking of becoming self-employed upon graduation, while 32 per cent were even considering starting their own company while in the first year of their course.

Many said they thought this would give them more chance of being successful than attempting to climb the corporate ladder.

Some 47 per cent said they liked the idea of flexible working, 45 per cent would rather be their own boss and 36 per cent were attracted by the potential financial benefits self-employment could offer.

Not put off by risks

When asked how they expected to finance their start-ups, 78 per cent revealed they would invest savings, 40 per cent would get a loan, and 21 per cent admitted they might approach the bank of mum and dad.

Co-founder of Solopress Aron Priest said: “It’s interesting to see that despite the initial investment costs, risks of starting a business and the competition, the majority of students are considering starting up over graduate roles. Hard work and risk doesn’t seem to put the new generation of workers off of running a business. Young graduates are ambitious.”

Earlier research from financial services firm MetLife found that 74 per cent of people interesting in freelancing were in the Millennial age bracket. This suggests younger people are increasingly seeking a better work-life balance and other lifestyle benefits that the so-called gig economy may offer.

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