Freelancers opt for flexible remote working

Posted 25th September 2017 in For Businesses For Workers

Many contractors and freelancers want to have a good balance between working remotely and onsite, according to a new study.

Research from Odos Contractor of Odos Group found just eight per cent want to work remotely full-time, with 67 per cent preferring to split their working week between onsite with clients and remotely off-site. The poll also found 25 per cent want to be based all the time onsite.

Qdos Contractor chief executive officer, Seb Maley explained: While profession and role can often dictate where freelancers and contractors are able to work from, technology has liberated millions of independent workers, giving them the freedom to choose how are where they work.

“Despite the rise of remote working and the opportunity to work from home, many freelancers and contractors enjoy the variety that working onsite with clients and remotely brings, and prefer it. Regardless of the fact these workers are self-employed, these findings dispel the myth that engaging with freelancers results in a distant relationship with less face to face contact and onsite working. Independent workers are very much an important, not to mention visible presence.”

He added that freelancers and contractors annually currently contribute around £119 billion to the economy.

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