Freelancers satisfied with annual leave

Posted 20th September 2017 in For Businesses For Workers

Despite taking less annual leave than employees, it seems freelancers are happy with their holiday time.

Research by Qdos Contractor discovered contractors and freelancers take 68 per cent less leave their employees, but are content with their work/life balance.

The survey showed 16 per cent of freelancers take less than ten days holiday per year, with just 32 per cent opting to take 22 days or more. The average employee in the UK is entitled to 28 days leave.

More than 54 per cent said they felt their current holiday time was adequate and suggests they have already succeeded in organising their time.

Seb Maley, chief executive officer of Qdos Contractor, explained: “That the majority of freelancers and contractors are happy with the amount of holiday they take each year reflects that independent workers are by and large enjoying a healthy work/life balance, despite the fact that at least 68 per cent do not take as much holiday as full-time UK employees.

“This dispels any myth that freelancers and contractors do not work as often or as hard as full-time employees, while also highlighting that independent workers are, more often than not, available when businesses need them most.”

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