Govt needs to boost creative freelancers

Posted 9th November 2017 in For Businesses For Workers

The UK creative industry needs to focus on developing more creative freelancers, claims a key body.

According to the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), there is a strong reliance on overseas freelancers with Britain’s creative sector, with 62 per cent of creative businesses making use of non-British freelances.

The research found 70 per cent of such firms felt unable to fill jobs with UK workers – potentially worrying as the country moves towards Brexit.

One possible solution suggested by the CIF is to retain freedom of movement to ensure the UK continues to attract the most talented freelancers.

“EU workers, along with workers from elsewhere in the world, must be able to set up in the UK in a freelance capacity,” said the CIF’s Global Talent Report.

“There is no provision for the freelance workers the creative industries depend upon, for example, and it does not accommodate the rapid turnaround of projects in some subsectors.”

Other recommendations from the CIF include the creation of a new tiered visa system to ensure UK creative industries can compete internationally.

“We recognise that all visa systems must be resistant to abuse and believe adopting a structure similar to tier 1 will help mitigate against improper use,” the CIF said.

“We ask government to consult with us on how to make systems even more rigorous as existing policies are developed and new ones designed.”

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