Ipswich named as best business set-up location

Posted 20th September 2017 in For Businesses For Workers

Ipswich has been named as the best place for business start-ups in new research.

According to Informi, Ipswich came out top of 63 UK towns and cities in terms of the support it can provide to small businesses.

The research looked at a whole range of factors, including pollution levels, broadband connectivity and the rate of business closures.

Other cities that performed well included Dundee, Derby, Portsmouth, Bristol and Edinburgh. Surprisingly, London only came out 38th in the survey, although it is currently the key location for business start-ups, but rated high for enterprise closures.

Darren Nicholls, product manager for Informi, explained: “SMEs throughout the UK create many thousands of new businesses in every town and city every year. This brings new jobs, prosperity and growth to local communities whilst benefitting the wider economy too.

“It is encouraging to see that there are a variety of environments where small businesses can do well, but for every success story there are still far too many failures, where businesses have been unable to survive and thrive.”

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