IT contractors to benefit from ‘chip crisis’

Posted 31st January 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

Recent worries about the security of chips could be welcomed by IT contractors looking for work.

Research in the US revealed two chip security issues – Meltdown and Spectre – could enable attackers to download data from a whole host of systems.

However, information has already been released on how to deal with these security concerns and many companies are turning to experts to help ensure their systems are protected.

Therefore, it is likely some IT contractors could see a surge in work related to dealing with Meltdown and Spectre.

Allan Liska from the firm that discovered the potential threats is urging everyone to take steps to protect sensitive data.

“Exploits of these vulnerabilities will not leave traces in log files or unusual files on the system”, he said.

“The best way to mitigate against these [potential] attacks is to apply vendor patches as quickly as possible.”

He added the issue has already lead to “big vulnerabilities” and “will continue to create a great deal of work as systems are patched and mitigations are put into place”.

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