Many Brits ‘could do a better job than their bosses’

Posted 11th May 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

Many Britons believe they could do a better job than their own managers, something that could spur some on to becoming self-employed freelancers.

This discovery was made by the international animal charity SPANA, which carried out a survey of 2,000 workers to find out their opinions on their workplace and the ways in which they are managed.

Two in five of those polled said they did not think their superior was good at their job, while a fifth admitted they had no respect for their boss.

More than a third revealed they thought they could do a better job themselves and one in five even went so far as to say they hated their boss.

Some 62 per cent reported having left a job before because of problems with those higher up the corporate food chain, while more than half had considered it.

Chief executive of SPANA Geoffrey Dennis said: “Having a boss you struggle to get on with can certainly be a source of annoyance and stress.”

Among the biggest frustrations reported in the study were bosses who failed to communicate, those who were inconsistent and managers who regularly delegated too heavy a workload.

Earlier this year, research from Aldermore found that three in ten British employees would like to become freelancers, perhaps as a way of getting away from poor management.

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