More Brits keen to join gig economy

Posted 12th June 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

A growing number of Britons are considering ditching their typical career and joining the gig economy to work for themselves, according to new research.

The poll of more than 2,000 UK adults was commissioned by health tech start-up WeMa Life and found that some six million people are already self-employed or carrying out short-term contract work.

However, six per cent of full-time professionals are also looking to make the transition to self-employment this year.

When current gig economy workers were asked what they like best about working on a contractor or temporary basis, 71 per cent said they favoured the flexibility over the hours and types of job they can undertake.

Furthermore, demonstrating how self-employment can help workers who might not be able to access full-time jobs, 46 per cent of contractors said they work this way because other commitments mean they would be unable to hold down a traditional nine-to-five.

The research also showed that 28 per cent of respondents would be keen to work in the gig economy but are currently not confident enough that they could earn enough money to support their lifestyle.

Others reported feeling unsure about connecting with potential customers, issuing invoices and taking payments.

Co-founder of WeMa Life Rajal Patni said: “While the gig is certainly not for everyone, many people are clearly drawn to this model of working … This is a trend we’re likely to see continue in the future.”

The study follows on from previous research by FreeAgent, which showed that 11 per cent of British workers plan to set up their own business before the end of 2018, while eight per cent want to become their own boss before the end of 2019 and three per cent aim to have achieved the same goal by 2020.

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