More mums opt for self-employment

Posted 15th March 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

There has been a significant rise in the number of freelancing mothers over the past decade, reveals new report.

Since 2008, the number of self-employed mothers has increased by 50 per cent to total 594,000, according to data from the IPSE and Kingston University.

The freelancers can generally be divided into three groups – associate professional and technical occupations, professional occupations and leisure/care/other sector workers, with 43 per cent of estimated to be female.

Self-employment appears to appeal to mothers for a number of reasons, including offering a better work-life balance, especially for those with younger children.

Corinne Stuart, IPSE’s head of commercial development, called for more to be done to help support those opting for work for themselves.

She added: “As more and more mothers and other women opt for the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves, it is important for the government to recognise how liberating and beneficial self-employment can be, and ensure it remains a viable career path for all.”

“The government should make a particular effort to ensure self-employed mothers have all the assistance and support they need, such as by making them – like employees – eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay.”

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