Parents ‘resentful about work-life balance’

Posted 31st May 2018 in For Workers

Parents across the UK are dissatisfied with the work-life balance they are able to achieve in their current job, a study has found.

Research by the charity Working Families as part of the 2018 Modern Families Index discovered that many managers are pressuring people into working well beyond their contracted hours and giving them unrealistic workloads to deal with.

More than a third of parents polled said they feel resentful towards their employer as a result of this, since they are finding it hard to combine employment with family responsibilities.

Interestingly, more fathers than mothers reported a dislike of their employer’s approach to work-life balance (37 per cent versus 32 per cent respectively).

Many of the study’s respondents said they have refused promotions or taken pay cuts to avoid more stressful jobs that could further infringe upon their life outside the office.

In addition, despite many companies now implementing flexible working opportunities, this does not seem to be having much of a positive effect for parents, with 81 per cent of those on flexitime saying they still need to bring their work home to do in the evenings or at weekends.

More than a third suggested working culture needs to be altered so people with families can achieve the balance they crave.

Working Families chief executive Sarah Jackson said: “Employers whose approach to organising work and underlying workplace culture hasn’t caught up with their family-friendly policies may find that, for parents, they aren’t an employer of choice.”

The lack of satisfaction with traditional jobs could lead to many Brits finally taking the plunge and becoming self-employed, where they are able to choose their own hours.

This comes after research by the international animal charity SPANA found that 62 per cent of people have left a job because of problems with those higher up the corporate food chain, while more than a third think they could do a better job than their own managers.

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