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Recruitment “Getting Harder Across All Sectors”

Posted 12th February 2019 in News For Businesses

According to the latest figures from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), businesses across every sector are facing significant difficulties in recruitment as Brexit looms on the horizon.


The BCC’s quarterly economic survey, which polled 6,000 businesses across the UK, found that recruitment was struggling in an economy that began the year in a “weak holding pattern”.


Manufacturing was one of the sectors hit hardest, with 81% of manufacturing businesses reporting recruitment difficulties, the joint highest level ever recorded in the survey.


Bhavina Bharkada, education and skills policy advisor at manufacturing employers group EEF commented, “Brexit will only make the skills shortage we’ve had in our sector worse, but that shortage existed before. On average, EU nationals make up about 11 per cent of the manufacturing workforce, so there will be a knock-on effect for employers in the sector.”


Bharkada added, “In 2017, manufacturers saw a 26% decrease in job applications from EU citizens. When we surveyed them again in 2018, this fell to 17%. Therefore the unavoidable Brexit uncertainty has impacted the skills shortage, although the magnitude of the problem has decreased slightly.”


“We have a shrinking talent pool,” concluded Bharkada.


Phil Coulter, Korn Ferry’s EMEA market lead for technology, agreed. “There are increasing demands for new skill sets in virtually every job and profession.


“With all the changes taking place around us, the time is now for talent acquisition professionals and business leaders to adopt a more strategic approach to the future and current workforce.”

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