Self-employed reveal weekly work patterns

Posted 18th October 2017 in For Businesses For Workers

Many freelancers are still working long hours to ensure their business is a success, according to a new poll.

A survey from Free Agent found a third of small business owners are working at least 48 hours a week. The majority of freelancers estimated they work between 32 and 48 hours per week.

However, the research found some people are working 64 hours – which could be having a significant impact on their work-life balance.

Former freelancer Ed Molyneux, from FreeAgent, explained the results show how hard it can be for small business owners to get the results they want.

He added: “Although many freelancers and micro-business owners enjoy more flexibility over when and where they can work, our research shows that they are actually likely to work just as many hours as people who are not self-employed – and sometimes a lot more.

“That’s because they have to manage all of the admin and behind-the-scenes parts of their business, not just the parts that they get paid for.”

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