Self-employed ‘unconcerned about Brexit’

Posted 11th June 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

People who work for themselves are largely unconcerned about the possible impact of Brexit upon their business, according to new research.

Kensington Mortgages carried out its Self-Employed SentiMeter on more than 1,000 self-employed UK adults to ask them how the exit of Britain from the European Union might affect their fortunes and prospects.

It was found that 63 per cent thought the phenomenon would have no direct impact on their career, while just 20 per cent expected it to have a negative effect.

When asked how confident they were about taking on more work in 2018, 47 per cent reported being optimistic that more contracts would come their way, compared to 13 per cent who were pessimistic.

Indeed, 42 per cent said they expected to make more money this year than they did last, showing the sentiment towards Brexit may not be as frosty as portrayed by some media outlets.

Interestingly, optimism about self-employed business prospects post-Brexit was most prevalent in the West Midlands and in the 25 to 34 age bracket.

However, when asked about the effects of Brexit on Britain as a whole, 52 per cent of respondents reported that they expected a more difficult future ahead.

“Whilst self-employed workers realise the potential gravity of Brexit negotiations, they remain relatively confident about their individual prospects,” Kensington Mortgages commented.

The news comes after research by Qdos Contractor found that self-employed people are also largely unconcerned about the impact of artificial intelligence on their careers, despite reports that smarter machines could leave them struggling to find work.

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