Tea may inspire creative freelancers

Posted 24th January 2018 in For Businesses For Workers

A nice cup of tea could be the answer for any creative freelancers who are looking for inspiration, claims a new study.

Research by Peking University’s School of Psychological and Cognitive Science shows people who drink tea may enjoy better creativity when compared to those who opt for a glass of water.

Through a series of experiments involving block-building and coming up with a restaurant name, subjects found tea consumers were able to quickly produce ideas – within ten minutes for block-builders and in 20 minutes for name-imaginers.

However, the study did reveal that the tea didn’t inspire particularly “playful” names or produce more names when compared to the water drinkers.

“Although drinking tea improves cognitive creativity, it may not significantly increase the level of playfulness compared to drinking water,” explained the school’s report.

“This result is reasonable because tea consumption leads to calmness, a moderate level of arousal and alertness, and these mental states are unrelated to playfulness.”

However, the researchers did stress the subjects only consumed a relatively small amount of tea – around half a cup – and therefore, the impact of drinking several cups of tea may actually have a negative effect on performance.

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