Study Shows Technology is a Important Selling Point for Recruitment

Posted 2nd November 2018 in News For Businesses

A new US study has shown that technology could be a recruiter’s strongest weapon when it comes to recruiting the workforce’s newest additions – Generation Z.


Researcher David Stillman and his son Jonah Stillman found that 91% of Generation Z said technological sophistication and communication would impact their interest in working for a company, with David Stillman commenting, “Gen Zers are true digital natives.”


“Companies on the leading edge are getting on our radar as early as possible,” added Jonah Stillman.


With advancements in technology – such as apps – streamlining payroll, expenses and contracts for temporary workers, the Stillmans stressed the importance of convenience to the youngest generation. “[Generation Z] constantly look for ways to streamline processes and procedures,” stated Jonah Stillman in an interview with the Society for Human Resource Management.


“Having seen so many leaders make the mistake of treating a new generation like the one that came before it, I knew it was going to be important to get a jump-start on Gen Z,” concluded David Stillman.

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