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YouTuber writes a millennial’s guide to freelancing

Posted 27th July 2018 in For Workers

A popular influencer from the world of social media has written a book designed to act as a guide for anyone hoping to emulate her success and make a career for themselves via portals such as YouTube.

Patricia Bright has one of the UK’s fastest-growing YouTube channels, with almost three million followers and a host of awards for content creation.

Now, she has been signed by publisher HQ and will soon bring out a book about her career flexibility, freelancing and the financial stability it has offered her, the Bookseller reports.

It aims to showcase how so-called Generation Y or millennials can find the fulfilment they crave by using revenue streams that play to their strengths and their passions, rather than by climbing the traditional corporate ladder.

“She offers candid lessons for anyone who is thinking about ditching or supplementing their nine to five … from how to create and grow a brand online and off … to finding your purpose and retaining your integrity,” a spokesperson for HQ said.

Editorial director Rachel Kenny added that Bright’s advice should prompt her growing audience and a new generation of entrepreneurs to “sit up and take notice”.

Indeed, any advice offered by a young person already enjoying a successful freelance career is sure to be welcomed by anyone hoping to take the plunge and begin working for themselves.

According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016, plenty of people may fall into this category. Its research found that over 50 per cent of millennials plan to change jobs within the next two years, while only 20 per cent plan to stay with their current employer for more than five years.

Seeking opportunities for development and a healthy work-life balance were cited as reasons for this, meaning a self-employed career may appeal to many of this age group.

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