Anti-Modern Slavery Statement

JMK Group UK continues to be steadfast in ensuring our employees are treated fairly. We do not tolerate slavery or human trafficking in any form.

This statement highlights the steps we have taken to eradicate, wherever possible in our supply chain, the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our two thousand employees are placed nationwide and operate in many different industries. Our work involves supplying services to end clients and recruitment businesses. It is of significant importance that our partners in the supply chain hold a zero-tolerance policy towards slavery and trafficking as well.

We have robust processes in place to ensure that none of our employees are involved in or being used for slavery and trafficking purposes. JMK’s staff understand the need to removing such abuse and know to report any concerns they may have.

Our due diligence includes checks on ID and Right to Work documentation on the initial registration stage. This ensures that:

A proper contract of employment is offered to all employees. This includes the right to earn at least National Minimum/Living Wage for all hours worked.

We also give further employment protections such as ‘guaranteed hours pay’, holiday pay, statutory payments for sickness and maternity, and other such benefits.

We believe that we are in a low-risk position and are confident that there is no slavery or human trafficking taking place directly within our organisation or in the supply chains we work in. Although we employ some workers that are low paid and low skilled, we believe that our processes will highlight any cases where our workers may be at risk.

This statement has been approved by JMK Group UK’s CEO on 31st May 2017 and is made in pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act for the financial year ending December 31st 2016.


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