Who are JMK Group UK?

JMK Group UK are a payroll provider that was established in 2002, we have supported over 50,000 contractors and worked with over 900 recruitment agencies.

We are accredited with FCSA, Investors in people, QMS and Professional Passport. We process contractor payments through PAYE outsourced, Umbrella PAYE and CIS pay models.

About JMK

Why should you use JMK Group UK?

We provide a hassle-free payroll service to cater for the recruitment industry, their contractors, and the UK temporary workforce across a multitude of sectors. JMK Group UK handle invoicing, statutory salary deductions, reporting requirements and payments from recruitment agencies or end clients.

Our service is designed for new and established contractors as well as experienced sub-contractors, so that they benefit from standard UK employment benefits offered to full time employed workers.

JMK Group UK is fully compliant and offers a highly trained customer support team that can help at any time. Contractors can contact JMK Group UK in a variety of ways, either by phone, email, or live chat through our website. No matter what the issue is, JMK Group UK can help get it resolved.

Are JMK Group UK compliant?

With the constantly changing legislation regarding the umbrella payroll industry, employment status and employment regulations, it has never been more important to ensure your payroll is handled by professionals. We are accredited by Investors in people, QMS and Professional Passport.

We protect all our contractors and make sure they are using the correct payroll model for their current engagement. This means no unexpected tax bills as we ensure they are always paid via the correct tax code, correct payment of holiday pay and a very straightforward, rigid process for claiming any possible eligible expenses.