Are you ready for changes to Right to Work checks?

It is estimated that up to half of all businesses are unprepared for the upcoming changes to right to work checks, this could spell trouble for thousands of businesses who are facing non-compliance. But what exactly is changing and how should we prepare? Read on to find out.

What are Right to Work checks?

Right to work checks are necessary checks which must be carried out for all employees during onboarding. Designed to prevent illegal working, the checks form part of compulsory identity checks which take place at the beginning of employment and determine a worker’s status and legal right to work in the UK. 

If employers fail to carry out compliant checks and a worker is subsequently found to not have the right to work in the UK, employers face a £20,000 fine per illegal worker, imprisonment, as well as the reputational damage and huge administrational headache that goes with non-compliance. 

What is changing?

Prior to the pandemic, right to work checks had to be carried out face to face using original documents. But the pandemic forced an emergency measure to be passed, the allowance for right to work checks to be carried out remotely using video calls and with documents sent via apps and email. 

While initially considered a temporary fix, remote identity checks proved highly successful, and it was decided that they could remain after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. But there is a caveat, remote checks can only be carried out through a registered IDSP (Identity Service Provider).

The emergency measure ends on the 30th September and all remote checks will have to go through an IDSP from that date.

This means that agencies onboarding new contractors must be prepared with an IDSP provider and a process in place, or face non-compliance.

How umbrellas can help.

Umbrella companies provide a crucial service as the official employer of contractors and workers, giving contractors continuous employment and end-hirers easy access to the right skills and talent. This means that they are responsible for all pre-employment screening, including right to work.

How umbrella companies help agencies and end-hirers.

As a compliant umbrella company, JMK Group UK can provide the correct right to work checks to ensure that all contractors are who they say they are and have the legal right to work in the UK. Agencies who chose to use an umbrella company effectively bypass the changes to legislation.

With access to the latest checking tools, JMK Group UK has several options which ensure hassle free onboarding to give peace of mind to end-hirers by providing fully checked contractors.

How umbrella companies help contractors.

JMK Group UK has helped thousands of contractors with continuous employment and convenient payroll. In this candidate led market, onboarding is often the first place where workers can slip through the net. Slow and inconvenient onboarding is often cited as a reason why people migrate to other job opportunities. JMK Group UK provides a fast and efficient process, giving contractors and workers access to a convenient solution for identity and right to work checks, as well as the continuous support and guidance we have become known for. 

Don’t get caught out by the changes to right to work checks. Ensure that you have found a certified IDSP or talk to us today about how JMK Group UK can help provide compliant right to work checks for contractors. 


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