Compliant Employment Organisation

Compliant Services

JMK consultants know the importance of not only being a fully compliant organisation, but also ensuring our contractors remain compliant. Our highly reputable organisation passes HMRC Audits with flying colours and hold a number of industry standard accreditation’s, to further support our own standing as a leading and fully compliant partner of choice.

Right to work

As we’re in the business of employing workers, we have to ensure that everyone we employ has the right to work in the UK. We make checks when registering them and also further checks after registration (if necessary).


With all of our contractor payroll services, there are no IR35 headaches. All workers are fully employed, ensuring no liabilities or risk associated with IR35, MSC’s or the transfer of debt legislation.

False Self Employment

In 2016 there were 4.7 million self-employed workers compared to 3.25 million in 2001. It was estimated that around half a million of these workers were bogus and are really working for a single employer, using the status to collude with that employer to pay less tax.

HMRC has now cracked down on this practice, and it is the responsibility of each employer to deduct PAYE taxes and NI contributions from all workers unless they can show that they are not supervised, directed or controlled by the client.

FCSA Professional Passport Compliance | JMK Group

Agency Worker Regulations

Much like all the other risk we take as the employer, any AWR risk is shifted to us also. This means that we’re responsible for ensuring that workers are entitled to the Regulation 5 Rights (Parity). We will work with our recruitment business partners so that comparator information is easily passed between parties.


Supply Chain Documents

We offer all our employees full employment contracts and also ensure that we have signed terms in place with all of our recruitment business partners and clients. All parties know the obligations they have to each other.


FCSA & Professional Passport

It’s important for any contractor payroll service to be accredited by a compliance trade body. It’s one of the few ways it can be demonstrated that the processes and undertakings of the service are safe for the worker and its clients. JMK Group UK are accredited members of both the FCSA and Professional Passport, showing our continued focus on compliance. You’ll be in safe hands with JMK.



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