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Umbrella companies have flourished over the past decade in the UK, and can offer a ‘hassle free’ structure to operate under for many contractors. 

What is an umbrella company?

A PAYE umbrella company is a standard UK limited company, operated by a third party acting as an ‘employer’ on behalf of its contractor employees.

A contract is signed between the umbrella company and recruitment agency (or end client) on behalf of the contractor who will be carrying out the assignment.

The umbrella provides a payroll service to its employees, processes all timesheets and invoices, and pays its employees a salary after allowing for deductions.

Umbrella Payroll | JMK Group

What is umbrella PAYE?

Umbrella PAYE is a payment method used to payroll contract or temporary workers who are not permanent employees of the company they are carrying out an assignment for.

With umbrella payroll, all contractors are employed by JMK Group UK on a full overarching contract of employment, thus ensuring that all PAYE and employment liabilities are the sole responsibility of JMK Group UK.

Some contractors may be able to claim legitimate business costs and expenses incurred during an assignment. Under umbrella payroll if a contractor is deemed to be under no element of supervision, direction, or control (SDC) or if they qualify as a “multi-site” worker, certain costs associated with the performance of work-related duties may be claimed before tax and NI deductions are calculated.

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Are you looking for PAYE umbrella payroll?

If you are looking to switch from another umbrella solution or are brand new to the world of contracting, our team at JMK Group UK are on hand to provide an unrivalled onboarding and support experience.

As FCSA Umbrella Accredited Member’s we have demonstrated our commitment to compliance with the highest industry standards, ensuring that contractors receive all employment rights and protections they are entitled to, such as sick pay, holiday pay, and pension contributions.

Clients can be confident that JMK Group UK are operating within the law and that their tax and National Insurance contributions are being handled correctly.

Our goal is to ease your burden of financial administration, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. You only need to submit your weekly hours, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring you receive all the entitlements you deserve.

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