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An Extension of Your Team

Back Office Support refers to a company contracting (or outsourcing) its core business operations such as Accounting, Payroll Support, IT Services, Human Resources, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance to outside professionals, to support the smooth running of their business.

Small start-ups and large companies all make the decision to benefit from outsourcing, as new and innovative services become available in today’s ever-changing, highly competitive business climate.

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PAYE Outsourced

We have experts that have been dealing with all aspects of payroll for over 18 years. PAYE Outsourced is a quick and simple solution for processing pay to your employees and/or your candidates on temporary assignments.


Contractor Tax
Contractor NI
Contractor Holiday Pay
Contractor Pension
Agency Pension
Agency Holiday Pay
Agency Apprenticeship Levy

A simple payslip based charge ensures that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your Employees are paid using a fully scalable solution to support your growing needs. Without the administrative worry/burden of running an internal payroll function or the costs and complications that come from expanding an internal payroll function.

Reduce your time and overheads whilst maximising your resources and profits by outsourcing your PAYE payroll function to JMK.


Generate Bank File For Payroll Payments
Transfer Net Funds via Bank Transfer
Issue Payslips
Send SMS Confirmation
Manage Pension Submissions
Manage Pension Starters / Leavers
Manage Holiday Entitlement
Manage Sick Pay Entitlement
Manage Student Loans
Manage Tax Codes
Manage NI Number Queries
Monthly HMRC PAYE Reporting
P11D Generation
P60 Generation
P45 Generation

PSC Flex

Our solution, designed for contractors with their own Limited Company / Personal Services Company (PSC) who want to continue to benefit from the opportunity to work on contracts of their choice, regardless if they fall under Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC) following changes to IR35 legislation in April 2021

Upgrading to our PSC Flex solution is free of charge and provides contractors with the flexibility to continue to process payments through their Limited company when they are deemed ‘Outside IR35’ and for those contracts where they are deemed ‘Inside IR35’, we will process PAYE payroll via our Umbrella service.

With end of year accounts and self-assessments included, our PSC Flex service gives your contractors total flexibility and 100% compliance at all times.

CIS Payroll

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is an HMRC approved scheme that applies to construction-based operations and sets out the rules regarding how payments to sub-contractors must be handled for construction work. We ensure all contractors are registered with HMRC for CIS status, have been issued with a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number and card.

This UTR number dictates the amount of CIS tax deducted from their payments. If they are not already registered for CIS status, we will urge them to contact HMRC directly via their website –

The majority of CIS contractors have CIS tax deducted at either 20% or 30%. If they are a sub-contractor in the construction industry or applying for CIS status, we can help them.

We provide a hassle-free CIS Payroll Service to handle invoicing, receive payments from their agency or company, processing of their payments and deduction of CIS tax.

Our service is designed for new and established contractors, sub-contractors and sole traders processing a UTR number and is fully complaint with the CIS scheme.

At the end of the year JMK can also assist them with any necessary tax returns and claiming back of any over payment in tax.

CIS Tax Returns

Filling out tax returns can be a daunting task, so we offer a catered service for our CIS workers which can help them fill out their self-assessment tax returns.

A form of PAYE payroll and a long-established alternative to operating PAYE in house within the temporary recruitment market. With Umbrella payroll, workers are employed by JMK Group UK on a full overarching contract of employment, thus ensuring that all PAYE and employment liabilities are the sole responsibility of the Umbrella company.

Some workers may be able to claim legitimate business costs and expenses incurred during an assignment. Under Umbrella payroll if a worker is deemed to be under no element of Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC) or if they qualify as a “Multi-site” worker, certain costs associated with the performance of work-related duties may be claimed before tax and NI deductions are calculated.

Accountancy Services for Agencies & Contractors

In addition to your dedicated account manager, we will support you further with a qualified bookkeeper and accountant, all assigned to you at the outset. During your time as a client with us, we will always formulate our solutions after listening to your specific needs and requirements.

In short, our Accountancy Services can provide you with a range of services: