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About JMK


JMK was set up in 2002 by two former IT Contractors whose personal experience within the payroll space, acquired knowledge and insight has proven invaluable. Understanding first-hand exactly what support is required enables us to make the contractor experience more enjoyable and hassle free. Since our inception, JMK has consistently striven to provide the very best service, coupled with the utmost flexibility for both our contractors and agencies alike. We treat each contractor as an individual, advising them on what is best for them, both when they join JMK and consistently throughout their life with us. We believe this is why so many of our contractors stay with us. And of course a happy contractor means happy recruiters; it’s that simple.

As we progressed, so did our contractor offerings. Not only are we one of the few companies that can still process paper based timesheet and expense forms but we also have a fully integrated online portal and mobile app available to all our contractors. This means that each contractor can gain the best advice and service for their needs and can then interact with us in a way that best suits their lifestyle. All our agencies partners can have their very own (fully branded) app too, which can be fully integrated into their systems offering everything from contractor information to booking availability.

As you can tell, we pride ourselves on not cutting corners and doing what is best and right by our customers. Helping them every step of the way, guiding them through what can sometimes be a minefield of legislation and red tape is one of our core strengths.

JMK are always championing diversification within the market to benefit our Clients and Contractors, so contact us today for more detail of our products and services.



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