The Importance Of A Resilient Logistics Sector

With the world adjusting to new ways of living and working due to the coronavirus pandemic, many sectors and industries are only now beginning to gradually recover from a huge downturn in business. And if reports of a second wave are to be believed, we’re not out of the woods yet.

One sector which has grown throughout the upheaval though is logistics. A massive rise in online shopping due to lockdown, as well as increased demand for supplies in the medical industry and other sectors, have led to a swift growth in logistics recruitment, as the sector attempts to meet the needs of a suffering society.

Unsung Heroes

While logistics hasn’t always boasted one the most exciting images, delivery drivers and logistics companies have emerged as unsung heroes of the pandemic, and they are now considered key workers alongside medical staff, teachers and care workers alongside other essential professions.

And rightly so. Ensuring that not only civilians stuck at home get what they need, but also that hospitals have enough equipment and supermarkets have enough stock, led to many logistics employees working around the clock at the height of the pandemic. And it is only now when things are calmer, that we can truly appreciate the necessity of a resilient logistics sector, which contributes much more than we may have previously considered.

Generating More Jobs

Thankfully, the sector is quickly responding to demand by generating more jobs. Amazon alone has created 15,000 new full-time and part-time warehouse and delivery driver jobs across the UK, and delivery company Hermes have also created 10,500 jobs.

But there is a shortfall in some areas. Recruiters in the driving industry for instance have long warned of a shortfall in the number of required LGV drivers, and even in October last year, trade body FTA reported that there was shortage of 59,000 HGV drivers. And this was long before the coronavirus emerged.

Build On Recent Success

So how can recruiters build on the recent successes in the logistics sector and ensure resilience in the face of further uncertainty going forward?

Attracting not only the best people for the job but also those than can be relied upon is crucial. Providing a supportive environment for candidates is key, beginning with a comprehensive and engaging onboarding experience, which has been shown time and again to improve retention of the best employees even during difficult times. In addition, a consistent payroll provision will help staff feel secure.

These key activities must be prioritised so that the country keeps moving.

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