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Tories Win Landslide Majority

The biggest news this week will be the general election, with over 32million people turning out to vote. We heard earlier this morning that Boris Johnson has held on, with the Tories winning by a clear majority. Whatever your political standing there is good news for everyone that since this news

was released the FTSE has rocketed to a record high, with the pound enjoying one of it’s biggest ever surges. Read more about what we can expect from our Tory Government here:

CV Fraud Harming Recruitment

Worrying statistics published this week confirmed that 1 in 5 CVs processed by recruiters has some form of discrepancy (in other words, a lie) within it. This is resulting in dissatisfaction for many end users and could ultimately cause an impact across the supply chain. Unhappy end users could mean refusal to pay invoices, and cash flow problems for our Recruitment Agencies.  Read more here:
Professional Employer Organisation for Recruitment Agencies in the UK

Can I Challenge a Blanket IR35 Decision?

Finally, I read the below article earlier in the week and thought it gave a useful insight into the first contractors being affected by IR35 changes next year (those working for banks who have applied a blanket PAYE decision).  See their concerns, and a list of viable options here: