Professional Employer Organisation for Recruitment Agencies in the UK


Firstly, despite some wobbles earlier this week, the new Chancellor Rishi Sunak has confirmed that the Budget will go ahead as planned on the 11th March. Suggestions last week were that there would be a delay in the budget and thus a possible delay in IR35 but sadly that will not be the case. The good news is that the budge confirms important financial policies for the coming year which will help JMK to plan accordingly. Read more here:


I spoke a few weeks ago about the need for clarity around EU workers coming to the UK post-Brexit. On Wednesday of this week the Home Office confirmed that an Australian-style points system will be applied to those coming to the UK for work. Points are given to those with skills and qualifications that we need, with additional points being given to posts which are particularly in-demand. Agencies will need to understand the system if they intend to recruit from outside the UK. The Recruiter has a useful explanation at the link here:
Professional Employer Organisation for Recruitment Agencies in the UK


HMRC visited FCSA this week to answer questions posed by members regarding the IR35 reforms. Julia Kermode sums up the discussions in her article below. One important point I took from this is that there will be no “soft-landing” for those in breach of IR35 rules – from the 6th April HMRC will be staunch in their approach and ignorance will be no excuse. Read the full summary here: