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Big news on the IR35

Big news on the IR35 front came on Tuesday when the Government announced that it would be undergoing a review of the planned legislation changes. But don’t get too excited, the review will not repeal the legislation, instead it will deal with some contentious points raised by industry bodies to “iron out” problems prior to the launch in April. Read about the review here:

The Loan Charge

The Loan Charge, a worry for any contractors who used such a scheme in the past, has also recently been the subject of a review. For those that have forgotten, the loan charge was an umbrella scheme which paid workers partly by way of taxable income and partly by way of a loan which was never intended to be repaid. It will be clear to most that this is a method of tax avoidance, but in the 90’s when the scheme was at its most popular it was promoted by accountants and legal advisors alike. The results of the review can be found here:

Professional Employer Organisation for Recruitment Agencies in the UK

PeoplePerHour in Hot Water

Finally, freelancer platform PeoplePerHour have found themselves in hot water this week after an advert of theirs received nearly 20 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. The advert featured the phrase “You do the girl boss thing. We’ll do the SEO thing” and the main complaint was that this particular wording was sexist. See how they responded to the complaints here:


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