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Recruitment Industry Issues

Christmas and New Year are behind us, but early reports show that the same recruitment issues from the last quarter of 2019 have run through into 2020. Statistics show that businesses are struggling to recruit for necessary positions and many are operating at less than full capacity. We will have to wait until further into 2020 to see whether the problem is temporary. Read more here:

The Loan Charge

Not specifically concerning our industry, but a worrying headline over the Xmas break came on the 29 th December when a list of the names and home addresses of those on the new years honours list was published on a government website. It was taken down later that same day. Following correct procedure, the relevant department reported itself to the ICO to consider the effects of the data breach and whether any fines will be imposed and/or compensation due to the data subjects. It is still however a worry that such mistakes can so easily be made. Read a full account of what happened here:

Professional Employer Organisation for Recruitment Agencies in the UK

More People Self Employed

There is however some good news to report. The Office of National Statistics has confirmed that the number of self employed has increased year-on-year by a huge 182,000. Clearly tightening tax rules are not putting off those considering undertaking self-employed work. It is thought that the trend can also be attributed to improved or increased rights for self employed and contingent workers. See all the statistics here: