✓ No Personal Guarantees
✓ No Debentures
✓ No Set-up Costs
✓ No Drawdown Percentage
✓ No Debtor Spread or Concentration Issues
✓ No Random Fee's With Fixed Cost
✓ No Minimum Fees
✓ No Risk
✓ 100% Weekly Margin

Our New Invoice Finance Model

We’ve been looking at ways to give our agencies the opportunity to grow with less risk. This is something that we have experienced ourselves at JMK so we know how useful this is going to be for our clients. It would have helped us too had we been able to access it ourselves when we were in our own growth stage.

It’s no secret that traditional invoice financing can be prohibitive, with smaller or new companies having to jump through hoops to access finance. Taking on personal financial risk, providing extensive forecasting or having to make the time to shop around for that one suitable finance package are all difficulties we know our clients face. This often prevents local agencies from filling more jobs as they simply don’t have the finance in place to act on the greatest opportunities.

This means that your clients lose out, and so do you.

More Clients, Bigger Contracts, Grow Your Business

Our new model allows all agencies to access funding so they can support more clients, and bigger contracts, while growing their business.

And if easier access to funding isn’t enough of a reason to smile, our new model is so much quicker too. Typically the traditional finance model could take 2-3 weeks to implement, but our new model can be up and running withing 2-3 days.

This brand new, more streamlined option is now available to our new and existing clients and we can’t wait for you to start experiencing the benefits:

  • Saves you time – with a faster time to credit you can act quickly on those all important opportunities.
  • Less risky – no personal guarantees or debentures allows you to grow your business safely even during uncertain times.
  • Easy and fast set up – just give us a call, answer a few basic questions and we’ll tell you there and then if we can fund your clients.
  • No set up costs and no hidden fees – know exactly what to expect from the start with no nasty surprises.
  • No minimum fees – we can finance even the smallest workforce.


All of these improvements help us to provide our agencies with the fast and secure business growth they deserve. It’s designed to make you unstoppable!

All you have to do to jump on board the new invoice financing model is give us a call.


Don’t forget that along with benefitting from the increased margins, improved cash flow and reduced overheads you love as a JMK agency, you also have access to our exclusive forecaster and comparator tools:

  • A payroll forecaster than can show you in minutes how much payroll financing you will need to achieve your business goals.
  • A payroll model comparison tool which enables you to compare different payroll models to find the one which best suits you.

We’re so excited to add this new invoice financing model to the value we already provide to our clients, and we just know you’re going to love it.

Remember, all new and existing clients can access this, so just give one of our team a call to get it set up.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grow because you don’t have the funding, we at JMK are here to support you at every stage of your business.

Since 2002, JMK have been compliantly consolidating back-office, accountancy and payroll functions. 

We have evolved to provide a range of expert services; such as Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), or Back Office Support (BOS) or Funding, becoming a leading provider to the contracting industry.

We know every agency is different in some shape or form, even if only by a little, but important bit. Combining our knowledge and experience of multiple sectors enables JMK to support you all from recruiters and payroll, through to finance, compliance and management.

With JMK as your trusted partner, even the smallest team can process the largest payroll, regardless of payroll type.

Have a look at the wide range of services our Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or Back Office Support (BOS) can provide to you and your business, it is far more than just payroll and finance.

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