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Who Wants Back To Normal?

Ready to attempt a return to normal life?

It’s now been over a week since society began taking steps to get back to normal (again). But while everyone is ready to attempt a return to normal life, it does feel a little more tentative this time round.

Battered and jaded from the last 12 months, no one wants to get too comfortable in case we end up back in lockdown for a fourth time.

Lockdown humour

But our country is brilliant at finding the humour is all situations. And popular culture has responded in trademark fashion by churning out a constant stream of lockdown lifting jokes. How many memes do we really need about pubs reopening or getting a haircut? But still, we laugh (which in the case of reading something online basically means breathing out really quickly. LOL is a complete misnomer).

People are gradually getting back to work, and while wearing a mask once felt strange and alien, the opposite is now true. We’re all so used to wearing them that when we arrive at a shop without one (and have to go back to the car to find one) it feels very naked, not dissimilar to those dreams we all have about being nude in public.

Our lives are now effortlessly punctuated by the use of hand gel, and our confidence in the supermarkets ability to keep up the supply of toilet roll under all circumstances is soaring.

Don't get too comfy

We got very settled into lockdown life, but as things open up, we’ll need to shift our lifestyles yet again and get used to another way of doing things.

And progress is being made towards this if the endless pictures of people sitting in pub gardens for lunch is anything to go by. This means that we really can start to look ahead to the future.

If we’ve learned nothing from this year, we have learned to be more flexible, resilient and adaptive which are all key ingredients for success in business.

Flexibility, resilience and adaptability

So, while we may be feeling apprehensive, and we do need to make sure all growth is well managed, we must focus on growth so that we can all begin the period of recovery in every sense.

Remember that the Roaring 20s followed the Spanish flu, and history does seem to be repeating itself…

We understand that after what we have all been through in the last year, people are feeling uneasy about making changes to their business. But we are here to guide you and support you as you begin moving forward towards more success and supporting your staff as they too move towards normality.

Easy payroll forecasting

Our forecasting tool is a great way to ensure managed growth for your business, by predicting your staffing needs as your business grows and changes. You can then budget for a bigger, brighter future.

Quick payroll model comparison

And our comparator tool can also help set your business up for greater success. In under 10 minutes this tool will help you compare your different payroll options to ensure that you maximise your budget and find the best model to suit you and your business goals.

Essentially, we at JMK have you covered for a successful lockdown lifting.

It’s normal to feel apprehensive at a time when things have been so up in the air, but we are here to help. Give us a call if you want to hear more about our forecaster or comparator, or if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Happy lockdown lifting!
The Team @JMK


We provide both payroll outsourcing and umbrella services and can advise on the right option for you.

Our exclusive comparator tool can help you choose the best payroll option for your agency and your contractors. It takes less than 10 minutes!

Our PSC Flex Service is designed for IR35-caught contractors with their own PSC who want to continue to work on contracts of their choice. PSC Flex allows contractors to process outside IR35 HMRC payments through their own company, while we take care of any PAYE payroll which is deemed inside IR35.

Remember – you can start your contractors transition now, and they will retain limited company status right up until the deadline. It’s free!

Talk to us to get the process started and relax knowing that you and your contractors are completely prepared for the deadline in April.

Stay safe and stay compliant!
The Team At JMK

Since 2002, JMK have been compliantly consolidating back-office, accountancy and payroll functions. 

We have evolved to provide a range of expert services; such as Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), or Back Office Support (BOS) or Funding, becoming a leading provider to the contracting industry.

We know every agency is different in some shape or form, even if only by a little, but important bit. Combining our knowledge and experience of multiple sectors enables JMK to support you all from recruiters and payroll, through to finance, compliance and management.

With JMK as your trusted partner, even the smallest team can process the largest payroll, regardless of payroll type.

Have a look at the wide range of services our Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or Back Office Support (BOS) can provide to you and your business, it is far more than just payroll and finance.

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